Business Capital For Existing Businesses

Business Capital you need with affordable payments

You will agree it's not just about getting capital, it's about getting good capital. Torro offers some of the best small business funding available. Use our experience and syndicated network to get the business capital you need today.

It's a simple goal for Torro. Provide you with the best option we have to offer, you choose the right solution for you.

The one size doesn't fit all business capital solution.

Have you tried other lenders? Did the process turn in a long drawn out process? We know with many companies in the marketplace, the funding process can quickly escalate into endless phone calls, faxing, e-mail and mountains of documents to sign.

Discover what many business owners have already found, Torro is the fastest, easiest way to get business capital. Need money for payroll, cash flow or to pay off vendors? Get the funds for virtually anything your business needs — Fast. You will find it takes days not weeks to see the funds deposited into your account. Many situations can be same day.

Our Syndicate Network provides multiple types of funding solutions.

We provide both fixed term and payment solutions an open ended options.

Fixed term funding limits are $575,000. The funding amount you secure is divided over a set period of time ranging from 3 months to 24 months and remains at fixed payment until you reach the end or pay it off. There is no penalty for paying more than the agreed amount of paying off early.

Open ended funding offers the more flexibility than the fixed term. You are approved for a maximum amount. The limit of open ended funding is $125,000. You can immediately draw the the minimum funds your business requires, and draw more as you need it down the road. As you pay down the amount you withdrew, your monthly payment automatically adjusts lower accordingly.

No paperwork, no asset, no appraisal, no headache

Our funding programs do not require very limited asset verification, no business appraisal and little to no paperwork. This means in some cases you apply, get an approval, sign and move on to bigger and better things. That's it. No headache. Get started today.